French politician calls for ban on appareils in France

France’s National Assembly is set to vote on a bill that would ban all apparels from being worn by public figures, but some lawmakers are urging lawmakers to vote against it.

In a video message to members on Thursday, Assemblyman Jacques Boissinot, who is in charge of the bill, said that “it is important to ensure that the laws protecting the public have been enforced in practice and that we can expect the necessary cooperation to be provided to ensure the safety of public order and security.”

He added that the bill should be brought before the National Assembly to be voted on.

The French Assembly is expected to approve the bill on Wednesday.

Boissinotte said the legislation would “provide protection for the public and to ensure respect for their dignity.”

The bill would ban the wearing of apparells in public and would ban their use by public officials.

The French Senate is expected on Thursday to vote to approve a similar bill, which would also ban the use of apparatus in public, but it is not clear how the Senate will vote on it.

Boissenot’s video message came a day after a French court issued an injunction ordering the French government to ban the wear of appariats in public.

The court issued the injunction on Sunday, and it is unclear when the law would go into effect.