How a man found out he’s a woman in the UK

An Australian woman who discovered she’s a man in the United Kingdom is now fighting for her right to be recognized as such, the National Union of Students (NUS) said.

In April, the NUS held a meeting in Dublin to discuss a proposed “gender identity” bill in the US, which would provide legal recognition for transgender people in the country.

The bill would also provide legal protection for people who identify as women, and it is expected to pass this year.

“The NUS is proud to work with our colleagues in the LGBTQ+ community and our allies across the country to ensure that they can use our platform to advocate for equality for all people, including transgender people, and to promote equality for women and gender non-conforming people,” NUS General Secretary Malia Bouattia said in a statement.

Bouattia added that the Nus had worked with a number of people to “provide advice and support to members of the trans community and to provide information and guidance for members of our community in the wake of the US House of Representatives’ transgender equality bill”.

The Nus has since been working closely with a team of activists and researchers who have been working to “build bridges and work with local LGBTQ+ organisations and organisations across the UK to support and support trans people in their fight for gender recognition”.

“While this may not be the final word, we hope this will be a start and help us to continue to build a society where people are treated with respect, dignity and rights that they deserve,” Bouattian said.

The Nuses work is part of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), a body established in May 2015 by the government.

Its aim is to promote and enforce equal rights for people based on gender identity and expression.

“This is a new and exciting time for us,” EHRC spokesperson Christine Young said.

“It’s a time to celebrate and celebrate our diverse LGBT+ community.

This is a time of celebration and progress, and we hope we can all continue to celebrate the good that is happening across the LGBT++ community.”