How to spot a bad news story in the news

Appareil: how to spot bad news stories in the News article If you have an app that is currently running on your phone, you might have noticed something strange in the app’s settings, or have a weird new app shortcut.

Here are a few tips for spotting apps that are hiding important information or that are confusing you.


Try opening apps from the home screen If you’re reading this article from your phone or computer, you probably don’t have an option to open apps from your home screen.

When you do open an app, it usually has a notification that tells you how to install it.

But if you open an application from the settings, you’ll probably see that it doesn’t have any other options.

For example, if you look at the “Settings” app, you may see the option to “Open App from Home Screen” in the “App Store” section.

This option is probably there to help you find apps in the home, but if you click on it, you will see nothing.

It may not have any real effect, but it’s better to open an option like this to ensure that you’re using the right option when you open the app.


Hide app shortcuts in the settings If you open a shortcut in the apps settings, it should look like this: appareils app shortcut app shortcut apps settings appareils settings app shortcut app shortcuts app shortcut Settings app shortcuts Appareils apps shortcut app shortcuts settings app shortcut settings app shortcuts Apps settings App settings app settings