Why Apple doesn’t want to sell your phone in China

Apple wants to sell iPhones in China, but only in certain markets, and it’s already doing some bidding in that market.

According to sources, Apple will offer the iPhone 5C in China for just $599 in China.

The same model is also expected to be sold in India for $399.

In other words, the iPhone 4S will be the first iPhone to be offered in India at that price point, and will likely be sold on the same day as the iPhone SE.

Apple has not announced pricing yet, but a report from CNet suggests the iPhone 6S is slated to go on sale in China at a similar price as the iPad Air.

The $599 price point means Apple is looking to push the iPhone into a niche market where Chinese customers can be attracted.

But there’s no guarantee that Apple will be able to push this product into a larger audience in China because of the low price.