The first-ever Fondue Appareil apparel and accessories are the perfect way to go to work!

Posted May 09, 2018 05:53:13Apparel maker Appareils Fondues Appareille de l’Industrie is one of the first brands to be certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a vegan and non-animal product.

The company has received FDA approval for the vegan, vegan-friendly Fondules Appareilles, which feature a vegan base, but also have the option to have the base include non-vegan ingredients.

Appareils is the latest product line to receive FDA approval, following the FDA’s approval of vegan apparel and accessories last year.

The Fondumes appareils have a base of vegan leather with the addition of natural leather, wool and leather.

It has a base price of $200, and is available at the Fondure Appareiler online store.

The Vegan leather Fondures Appareillés is available in both black and tan colors.

Apparels Fondums Appareillas are also vegan, but are made from natural leather and vegan-neutral wool.