Why the Liberals must go it alone in Quebec

Quebec’s provincial Liberals must choose between staying loyal to the party’s core principles or staying in power.

The province’s election next month has set the stage for an election campaign dominated by a debate over the future of the Liberal government.

Quebec’s provincial government has repeatedly said it’s not interested in an election.

But Premier Philippe Couillard said Monday that it’s possible for a minority government to be formed that would not be a majority.

Couillard was responding to a question from the New Brunswick premier, a former Liberal and current Liberal cabinet minister, on the possibility of a minority Liberals government in New Brunswick.

Cougars office has denied any such possibility.

The premier said there are several possibilities.

He said a minority, if it exists, could have a different agenda, such as bringing in a new Liberal government or an overhaul of Quebec’s income tax system.

He said a majority would have a more balanced agenda.

Premier Philippe Coullants office on Monday denied any prospect of a majority Liberal government in Quebec.

(Twitter: Pierre-Luc Rochon)Quebec Premier Philippe Lacasse, who has been at odds with the Liberals since the 2015 election, said the possibility is a possibility.

Coulls office said Couillard and his government would work hard to avoid any new instability, including if the Quebec-based opposition party, Parti Quebecois, could win a majority in the next election.