How to Find Your Best Snapchat Stories

Snapchat is a social app that allows users to post images and videos, but the company doesn’t have any rules for what can and cannot be shared on the app.

That’s why it’s important to be smart about the content you share, says Léa Mouton, a journalist and Snapchat founder who co-wrote a book called The Secret of Snapchat.

“You need to have a very specific way of understanding the rules of what is appropriate to share on the service.”

What you can and can’t post There are a number of things you can’t share on Snapchat, Moutons co-authored a book about the company, The Secret.

She also advises people to be very cautious about posting anything that could be construed as illegal.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to post anything that might be construed in a way that it could be considered criminal,” Moutson says.

She suggests that you post anything you’ve been able to find and/or create yourself, such as a photo of your dog or a selfie of your daughter.

“There’s a whole spectrum of content that you can post and there are a lot of things that are legal to do,” Moutson says.

“It’s about understanding what is legal, what is not, what are your options and what are the repercussions if you violate those rules.”

Moutman says that Snapchat is the perfect place for those looking to share funny and funny things with people they don’t know.

But she cautions against doing anything that seems like it could get you in trouble.

“People are going to go to the website to find a story that they want to share, and it might not be the best story,” Minson says, noting that Snapchat isn’t a place to share anything that’s not funny or funny.

You need to be careful about posting something that could potentially get you into trouble.

If you share something that’s funny, but you think it might get you banned, you should check with your social network, Moutsons advice says.

But if you find yourself in a situation where your content might be considered illegal, Minsons advice is to think carefully about what you post and what you’re going to do with it.

“Don’t let it get you down,” she says.

That includes posting it only in situations where you know you’re safe, like with a friend, or even if it’s just for fun.

“For example, you can put a photo in a Snapchat group and you won’t be banned,” Munsons advises.

But, you might want to keep your content to a minimum and limit how much of it you share in order to be safe.

“Make sure that your content is limited to what you need to share,” she suggests.