What it takes to be a woman in the Trump era

Women in the Republican Party are increasingly being treated as disposable in their presidential election fight, a new study finds.

The report, released Monday by the University of California, Berkeley, also finds that the party is actively and systematically attempting to deny women their own voices in the nominating process.

Women are not allowed to participate in the party’s debate or vote on the floor of the chamber.

And women are less likely to get on the ballot in the November election than their male counterparts.

In short, women have had their voices and power marginalized.

Women in politics are more likely to be women in the first place.

And they are more marginalized by the system, the report finds.

“It’s a pretty obvious pattern,” said study co-author Jennifer Haney, a professor of political science at UC Berkeley.

“The more women we see, the more marginalized we become in politics.”

Women in government and business Women in power tend to be more conservative, less socially liberal and less committed to liberal values than their more male counterparts, according to the report.

The researchers also found that in politics, women are more willing to put themselves forward as a candidate to gain attention, and that women are often the ones who get a seat at the table for their political party.

That has consequences, the authors write, as women tend to vote less in the midterm elections, where they are underrepresented.

In the GOP, women make up just 5 percent of the caucus.

The Democratic Party has a larger share of women than the Republicans and the Democratic Party is more progressive than the GOP.

The Democrats, by contrast, have a smaller share of minority women and white women, the study found.

Women also have more trouble running for office, and the party often fails to adequately promote women in politics.

“We have a lot of opportunities to participate and be part of the process, but we don’t seem to be,” Haney said.

“That’s part of what’s really problematic about this process.”

The researchers say the party needs to be proactive about promoting women in leadership roles, to make sure that candidates are not pigeonholed into specific gender roles, and to develop more accessible and more effective tools for women to participate.

One of the most important changes to the GOP would be to increase the amount of time women spend in the presidential nominating process, the researchers say.

“What we’re seeing is a disconnect between the ideas of the party and what they want to do,” Hanyne said.

The authors note that the GOP is a party that traditionally values women.

The Republican Party of 2016 did not include any women in its leadership for the first time in the 2012 election, and its 2016 platform included only one woman for president.

“There are some women in it, and there are some that aren’t, but they’re not going to be the ones leading it,” Haiden said.

“We need to start talking about women in power,” Hays said.

This isn’t an argument against the women in political life.

It’s an argument for women, she added.

_____ The study, “The Role of Women in Republican Parties in the 2016 Presidential Election: A Qualitative Study,” is published in the Journal of Political and Economic Research.