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CAA Appareils, a company that makes software for companies to track their employees’ productivity and work hours, has been accused of failing to do so, as well as of failing its auditors.

The scandal erupted in June, when CAA auditors found that the company had not done enough to ensure that its auditing firm had made the necessary corrections to its appareiling database.CAA has been contacted for comment.

Appareil is a French-language software company, with a portfolio of productivity apps including Appareil, the CAA Auditing appareiler and the CCC Auditing Appareiler.

Its auditing services include audit, audit, auditeur, auditor and audit audit.

In a statement on Tuesday, CAA said it had been “disappointed” by the audit.

“We have made some corrections and have implemented some improvements, but we have not been satisfied with the results.

We will continue to work with the auditor and we are working to rectify these problems,” the company said.

Cairn said that although CAA’s audit had been positive, it had also been criticized for its work in compliance with European legislation.

“There is nothing wrong with the Cairn auditing process.

But in terms of compliance with the law, the company has been a complete mess,” he said.

Apparel workers in the UK have also complained about poor work and management, with some saying they were treated unfairly, while others have said that CAA failed to ensure its audit had taken account of their experience of working at the company.