Why the best photos are so beautiful.

A popular Facebook app called Appareil allows users to select their favorite photos, then quickly share them.

However, the app doesn’t have an “original” photo that’s been curated, which is important when it comes to sharing.

As of Wednesday, Instagram is one of the first social networks to add an original photo option, according to an article published by The Verge.

The photo feature will be available on Instagram Stories and other Instagram-like apps, as well as the photo gallery app.

Users can now select their favorites to share, as they can on Instagram in other social networks, according the article.

The feature has been in the works for a while, and it’s not the first time Instagram has added photo features to its platform.

Instagram has been offering a photo editor for a long time, and last year, it launched an official photo editor, according, to the Wall Street Journal.

The Instagram photo editor allows users with the app to edit photos on their Instagram account.

Instagram also launched a new photo filter called Photo Flip that lets users filter photos to be more similar to their favorite Instagram filters.

This is a great example of Instagram trying to bring the app closer to what the photo app is all about, rather than trying to compete with it.

Instagram, however, hasn’t been able to achieve the same kind of user-centric quality and creativity that its rival Snapchat has.