How to be a super model without losing the heart of a model

“My heart is my best weapon.

I know it can be a challenge.

But it is also a weapon, and if I’m willing to take it on, it’s worth it.”—Caroline B. King, actress and activist, to Diane Sawyer, on her new book, What I Do When I’m Not Working: What a Model Looks Like for Me and You.

(Photo: ABC News)In an exclusive interview, King discussed the challenges of modeling for the first time, why she thinks women don’t understand their own beauty and how she plans to keep her career afloat despite having to deal with a slew of health issues.

King spoke to The Washington Post’s Amanda Becker and The Associated Press about her new memoir, What My Heart is Saying: What the Model Looks like for Me, and Me, You, and I: My Journey as a Model.

Here’s an edited transcript of the interview:Amanda Becker: So, you’ve said in the book that you were “tired of having to explain to women how to be the kind of woman they wanted to be.”

And you wrote, “It’s been hard to tell the difference between what I want my daughter to be and what I need to be in her life.”

What has it been like for you to finally feel like you have a voice?

What do you want from women?

Diane Sawyer: Well, I have always had a voice.

My father was a poet, and my mother was an artist, and they both were working.

I went to the arts school at the age of eight, and was an English major.

I had an art degree, and then I moved on to philosophy and then to philosophy as a graduate student, and that was when I realized I could really be an artist.

I could create anything.

I mean, my paintings are beautiful, but I could paint a house.

My paintings can do anything.

It’s not a matter of just painting the house.

I have the ability to create.

I’m not just painting.

I can create art.

My ability to paint the world is amazing.

I just had a baby girl, and it’s really been the most amazing thing for me to have this baby girl and to have her as a person.

What’s it been really like to watch this child grow up and realize this is her world, and to be able to help her become the person she wants to be, that was really incredible.

But then I realized, it is not only the world of art and the world she wants.

It is also this world of her relationship with her family and her friends, and she has to deal not only with her own issues, but also with the pressures of her job.

What are the challenges she faces, what are the obstacles she faces?DH: I think it’s a big thing.

I don’t think we really understand that.

I think the challenges women face are really, really hard.

For me, it was so difficult to have a child, to have to be an out-of-work single mother who didn’t have a lot of money.

And so, it just got harder and harder to be successful as an artist and to feel like I could be a model, and so I just stopped doing it for the last four years.

And I think that was kind of the tipping point for me.

And that was probably because of the pressures I felt.

I think for most women, it takes a lot for them to feel good about themselves and to really look at themselves in a positive light, and when you can see yourself that way, you can be very confident.

And my daughter, it felt like I was just trying to help people.

She just wants to know that her mother is there for her and she’s happy and healthy and she feels loved.

It wasn’t about being a model.

It was about feeling like I belonged, and being accepted, and just having this feeling of validation.

She’s really happy, and we’re happy.

I really believe that that’s what makes you happy.

What has it felt really different about her growing up and growing up in the model community?DG: She’s not an 18-year-old, you know, 18- or 19-year old.

She was a teenager.

So it’s so much different.

And she has all these wonderful parents.

And her mother’s like a godmother to her.

She takes her kids to the beach every summer and she always goes out to eat with them.

So she’s really supportive of the whole family, and as far as being in a family where you feel like everyone is on the same page, that’s a huge thing.

She has a lot going for her.

She is so good with her friends.

I was surprised to find that she has a whole group of friends.

And the people she’s in charge of, she’s very good with, they’re so good. And if