How to ionise your home for your health and wellbeing

Health and wellbeing appareils are everywhere and they are increasingly available for free download.

A recent study by the Health and Care Information Centre (HCIC) found that around 30% of users download apps that can help them monitor their health.

One app that can make the most of this opportunity is ionisation.

This app is an application which uses infrared light to detect the presence of cancer cells.

The app can detect whether a cancer cell is present in a specific area of a body cavity or in a tumour.

The app uses infrared sensors to measure the temperature of a tummy.

The device emits infrared light at a rate of about 10mW per metre.

In order to achieve this, the app needs to be installed on the phone.

This requires the user to be connected to the internet via a wi-fi hotspot and to have a Bluetooth connection.

When the app detects a tumours presence, it sends a signal to the phone which can be detected by the user.

In the app, the phone can be set to show a timer.

Once the timer has expired, the timer can be turned off.

The timer can then be turned on again.

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