iOS 10 update brings a bunch of new photo apps

Apple has updated its iOS 10 software to bring a bunch more photo apps to the platform.iOS 10 brings a slew of new photos apps including Instagram, Photos, and Snapchat, along with some tweaks to its native photo gallery.

In the photo app, users can now swipe between photos in real-time, and swipe left or right to select them, with the new swipe-to-swipe action available for any photo in the app.

Users can also share photos and videos with one another, though this requires the app to be opened, with no captioning available.

There are also several new photo editing tools including HDR, Noise, and Art.

One new option is “Lift,” which allows users to quickly add text, or resize an existing photo, by lifting it up.

This new feature also lets users take a photo from the left side of the camera.

The iPhone XS Max is now available for pre-order at Apple retail stores and online, and the iPhone Xs comes with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8s Plus.

You can also get an iPhone X for $1,299.99.